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Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Media exam advice

1. Only read section A- ignore section B as it wastes time
2. divide your time up according to the marks per question- 1abc and 2a between them should take no more than 15 mins, after allowing max 5 mins at start to read the passage. 2b needs 10 mins and you should write nearly a page. The long essay q.3 or 4 needs 30 min.
3. 1abc and 2a can be answered in note form- the answers are often simpler than you think !
4. 2b uses the passage as a springboard inviting you to refer to a case study of your own which has parallels with the example from the passage. Last summer the passage was about a nokia phone with built in radio and 2b was about the idea of new media being portable, so a parallel case study could be handheld consoles or Mp3 players.
5. The essay allows you to use anything you have studied but you need to be able to adapt it to the question and avoid any repetition from the passage or q.2b
6. In terms of preparation, the best thing you can do is use this blog and the links. read around, learn some definitions, consider the debates about new media (read bill thompson's stuff for tips)
7. A case study based on your thriller video project would be perfectly sound- blogging, using youtube for research and for uploading your work, using digital media for the video- all this is an example of the changing potential of new media
Keep lots of notes in your red books!!